Vintagebox #2

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This beautiful box consists of some of our best beers, selected from our archive. This package consists of 6 bottles (Aard, Gelders Gerstenat, Heimwee, Noest, Grondslag en Festijn).

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Your enthusiasm ensured that our first vintage box was immediately sold out!
We have checked our beer archive again and selected a number of beautiful matured beers to offer!

This box consists of 6 different bottles:
1x Aard Batch #2 75cl
1x Gelders Gerstenat Batch #1 75cl
1x Heimwee Batch #2 37,5cl
1x Grondslag #2 37,5cl
1x Noest Batch #1 37,5cl (!)
1x Festijn Batch #1 33cl

Aard: Barrel-aged wild beer with beetroot and absinthe. Both earthy and mysterious, with deep notes of beetroot and juicy red fruit. 5.5%
Gelders Gerstenat: Wild blond beer with hay, yarrow flower and thyme blossom. A simple, yet distinct beer. It is the first beer we brewed with ingredients that came 100% from Gelderland, including the barley malt. 6%
Heimwee: Barrel-aged wild beer with Opal plums and herbs. A tribute to days gone by, when beers were wild and herbal, brewed with ingredients that grew next to the brewery. 5.5%
Grondslag: Barrel-aged wild blond beer. A blend of the best beers from our wooden barrels. A wine-like sour beer, without carbonisation and a rich taste experience, with 25 months of barrel-aging. 5%
Noest: Wild dark beer with delicate notes of toasted bread, cocoa and red fruit. Where modern porters are often full and sweet, Noest is dry and subtle, exactly how we like it. 5%
Festijn: Barrel-aged wild beer with blue grapes. This beer is the result of a unique collaboration between Slijterij de Blauwe Druif, organic vineyard de Colonjes and Nevel. The base has matured for a month on the skins of Regent grape. We then carefully blended this base with 2 barrels to give a nice and refreshing roundness to the beer. Be surprised by this exciting symbiosis between beer and wine. 5.5%


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