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A special box full with barrel-aged Nevel Beers. Perfect to share or just to drink on your own.

This pack consists of 6 special Nevel beers:
1x Dauw 37,5cl
1x Gloed 37,5cl
1x Grondslag 37,5cl
1x Aard 37,5cl
1x Sintel 37,5cl
1x Purper 37,5cl

Dauw: Barrel-aged wild blond beer with elderflower. 5,6%
Barrel-aged wild beer with 330 g/L local cherries and black currents. Elegant, fruity and tart beer, aged for 14 months on oak barrels. 6%
Grondslag: Barrel-aged wild blond beer, aged for 25 months in barrels. A blend of beers from our best barrels. A wine-like sour beer, without carbonation and rich in flavor. 6%
Aard: Barrel-aged wild Beer with red beet. 5,5%
Sintel: Barrel-aged Bière de Garde with Willow Bark. 5,7%
Purper:Barrel-aged aged wild light beer with buckwheat, lavender and aronia. Nostalgic, soft and tart beer, aged for 3 months on oak barrels. 4,5%

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