Barrel-aged box

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A very special box with our barrel-aged beers.

This package consists of 5 bottles of Nevel beers:
1x Rust 37,5cl
1x Purper 37,5cl
1x Gloed 37,5cl
1x Halm 37,5cl
1x Schijn 75cl

Rust: Barrel-aged wild blond beer with locally grown Groene Bel hops. A carefully balanced wine-like blend aged in oak barrels for 16 months.
Purper: Barrel-aged aged wild light beer with buckwheat, lavender and aronia. Nostalgic, soft and tart beer, aged for 3 months on oak barrels.

Gloed: Barrel-aged wild beer with 215g/L local cherries and 55g/L blackcurrants. A fresh sour and fruity beer, with a rich aroma of red fruit.
Halm: Barrel-aged wild blond beer with summer wormwood that has been aged in wood for 7 months. The result is a more acidic and ripe version of Alm.
Schijn: Barrel-aged wild beer with 450 g/L plums and fresh basil. A fruity sour beer with hints of basil. This aromatic beer is full of excitement and power, but also with balance and elegance.



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