The story of Gloed


Barrel-aged wild ale with 330g/L local cherries and blackcurrants


Gloed refers to the bright red colour of this beer, which is the colour of blushing cheeks, the sunset, or hot coal in a campfire. Gloed is connected to joy and passion, all things that are beautiful and add glow to our lives.

Gloed is a fruity and mildly tart beer, light and sessionable, with predominantly blackcurrant in the nose. It was aged on oak barrels for 14 months, after which it spent another 4 months on the whole fruit. For this version we have used the highest fruit concentration so far: 330 g/L. The finish is subtle with light notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Gloed is an elegant, sunny beer that deserves to be enjoyed at a quiet pace. The cherries come from Zalig fruit Zoelen, an organic fruit grower in the Betuwe. The blackcurrants come from serveral local growlers.



- Salad with tomato, radish, mozzarella and basil
- Grilled eggplant with labneh
- Black Forest cake
- Cheese: mild blue cheese


Batch #4 bottled
on 2020-11-10
Batch #3 bottled
on 2020-01-15
Batch #2 bottled
on 2018-12-20
Batch #1 bottled
on 2017-11-01

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