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Quite possibly the most nostalgic beer you’ve ever tasted.

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We concocted something that has “gezellig” written all over it. Purper is best described as a childhood visit to your dearest granny. Remember how she baked you pancakes with cinnamon and syrup, while her homemade apple pie was cooling in the window sill? There was an old persian rug in the hallway, small potpourri bags in her linen closet and she grew fragrant roses and lavender in her garden.

All these homely scents and flavours are found in Purper. Perhaps the most nostalgic beer you have ever tasted. Purper has been aging twice as long as the last batch: 8 months. This has already made Purper slightly more acidic in its base. We have also added over four times as many aronia berries. The colour is finally the colour that gives this beer its name: Purper. The aronia berries, also known as apple berry, are sour, but mainly very tannic, and you notice that in the new Purper. Purper has more body and a drying aftertaste due to the tannins. But also more complexity and still super drinkable.


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