The story of Glinster


Barrel-aged wild cider made from historic Dutch apples

A new cider, finally! We have been making cider from fruit from food forest Ketelbroek for 4 years now, called Oogst. We like cider so much that we were looking for the right place to get apples from. Ideally, we would like to use real cider apples, like the ones we use in Oogst, but that is very hard to find in the Netherlands. As an alternative, goldrainet apples are very good, because they have a bit more bitterness than most hand apples.

We finally found the orchard that could supply enough goldreinet: Bellefleur orchard in Ressen, three kilometres from the new brewery. Arno from Bellefleur advised us to also use Dijkmanszoet apples. These are aromatic sweet apples that are mainly used for cooking. The combination turned out to be perfect. Glinster is a beautiful straw yellow colour, high in carbon dioxide, soft acidity, slightly bitter and very floral in the nose. Sun on your face, cider in your hand, absolute enjoyment. for the good thirst!




Batch #1 bottled
on 2022-04-20

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