Twijg is brewed using Hoevenlakense mout

The story of Twijg


Wild beer with lemon balm and blackcurrent leaves

Twig is a refreshing summer beer thanks to the addition of lemon balm. The malt in this beer comes from wine and grain farmer Bram van de Klundert from Hoevelaken. Bram approached us because he had his barley malted at Vloermouterij Masterveld and wanted to make a beer with us.

We chose to re-brew an earlier recipe, because we liked it so much. We made some adjustments, like using a bit more malt, to let the grain come forward more. The end result is a thirst-quenching beer, with a firm bitter, soft granular aftertaste and an aromatic citrus scent.






Batch #2 bottled
on 2022-07-27

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