The story of Weide


Wild light ale with local Spalter hop

A picnic in the grass on a lazy afternoon, the sun high in the sky, your bare feet playing with the tiny blades. The soft buzzing of a honey bee visiting nearby flowers carries you away, a bird chirps excitedly in the woods. A small insect tickles your skin, a broken sprig pricks your side. A lost dewdrop clings stubbornly to the grass, the wind carries the sweet scent of hay from a neighbouring farm.

Weide is best enjoyed on a warm day when a dry, refreshing beer is the best way to cool down. It is a particularly light beer, but its bitterness and rural aromas of wild yeast offer a truly interesting drinking experience. Locally grown Spalter hop gives subtle notes of lime and young grass. Weide has a low ABV and a a delicate complexity, making it a highly sessionable beer. Weide is best paired with lighter dishes or served as an aperitif.


- Chicory with sweet-and-sour kohlrabi, honeydew, pine nuts, balsamico and sprouts
- Summer salad with grilled peach and apricot, halloumi and sesame seed
- Curds with gooseberry and elderflower cordial
- Cheese: Remeker Pril, young farmhouse cheese




Batch #10 bottled
on 2023-05-30
Batch #9 bottled
on 2022-06-23
Batch #8 bottled
on 2021-12-13
Batch #7 bottled
on 2021-06-29
Batch #6 bottled
on 2021-03-22
Batch #5 bottled
on 2020-03-27
Batch #4 bottled
on 2019-07-04
Batch #3 bottled
on 2018-11-01
Batch #2 bottled
on 2018-04-19
Batch #1 bottled
on 2017-10-17

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