Nevel X Heilung – Alu

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Alu is a Belgian triple style beer with a full body and complex saison yeast aromatics

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Nevel presents ALU: a historical beer brewed especially for band Heilung. Yup, that’s right! We were asked to brew for a band that produces amplified history! Doomstar Bookings approached us, asking whether we wanted to make a traditional Scandinavian beer for Heilung, a band known for reviving traditional Scandinavian music. We could not say no to that. We are very honoured to work together with these amazing artists and we are quite proud of the result.

Alu was meant to be a crowd pleaser and we knew the band enjoyed drinking Belgian classics. They opted us to work with historical herbs and ingredients. For this beer, we used a traditional Scandinavian blend of herbs (with a.o. wild bog myrtle and meadowsweet), we added caramelized honey of beekeeper Stevns and we used a traditional Belgian Saison yeast. This boils down to a floral, thirst quencing, crushable beer. This beer is different to what you are used to, especially as this is a first time for us not to use our own house culture. We wanted to make more space for Scandinavian history.

For Mattias, this has become a very special project. As a honoured fan Mattias travelled with Marjolein to Denmark to proudly present Alu to the members of Heilung and the rest of the world. Luckily we are allowed to sell a couple bottles in our own webshop, so you can have a taste of this great collaboration. Do mind, there’s limited stock available.

Only available on 75cl (8,5% ABV).

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