Six large bottles, perfect for sharing!

The story of Sharebox


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The sharebox: for people who like to drink with friends!

This box consists of 6 big bottles:
1x Gloed (75cl)
1x Purper (75cl)
1x Schijn (75cl)
1x Jubel (75cl)
1x Weide (75cl)
1x Knisper (75cl)

Gloed: Barrel-aged wild beer with 215g/L local cherries and 55g/L blackcurrants. A fresh sour and fruity beer, with a rich aroma of red fruit. 6%
Purper: Barrel-aged wild light ale with buckwheat, lavender and chokeberry
Schijn: Barrel aged wild ale with 450g/L plums and fresh basil.
Jubel: Barrel-aged wild dark beer aged on Sherry barrels. A festive, luxurious beer that we brewed especially for the winter holidays and to celebrate with friends.
Weide: Wild light beer with locally grown Spalter hops and ancient grain. Tightly bitter and thirst-quenching. Weide is inspired by the grisette, a traditional worker beer.
Knisper: Wild dark beer with smoked fig leaves.



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