Introduction to Nevel

The story of Introduction to Nevel


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Are you ready to taste our beers, but don’t know where to start? This is the right box for you then! You’ll get a selection of our most accessible beers plus one barrel-aged beer, so you can discover the unique flavours of wild beer. Each beer has its own style and flavour, the box offers something for everyone.

This Introduction box consists of 4 small Nevel bottles:
1x Erve (33cl)
1x Dwaal (33cl)
1x Minne (33cl)
1x Alm (33cl)

Erve: Wild Brett IPA with local Cascade. 6,5%
Dwaal: Wild witbeer with szechuan peper and common hogweed seed. 5,7%
Minne: Wild blonde ale with Japanese flowering quince. A fruity, rich and mildly sour beer with notes of apple and lemon marmalade. 5,4%
Alm: Wild blonde ale with forgotten herbs Alm is a dry, mildly bitter beer with ‘forgotten herbs’, the kind that are rarely used nowadays. 5,5%


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