Single Barrel Box

Single barrel box

The story of Single Barrel Box


To end the year well, we have put our exclusive single barrels in one package. Beers that you normally can’t get your hands on. Beers to share or to give as a (Christmas) gift. Also perfect to enjoy yourself.

This package consists of 6 large bottles, coming from 2021.
1x Roos 75cl
1x Wellust 75cl
1x Bries 75cl
1x Oogst 75cl
1x Elixer  – 75cl
1x Mijmer – 75cl

Roos: Barrel aged wild beer with rose hip and fermented rose petals. Roos is the result of a unique collaboration with ‘t Amusement. A soft sour beer with sumptuous notes of roses, caramel and red fruit.
Wellust: Barrel aged wild beer with 300 g/L apricots. The apricots come from Proeftuin Randwijk, a local fruit grower. The wealth of fruit and juicy acids immediately give a feeling of enjoyment.
Bries: Barrel aged wild beer with buckthorn sea and spruce. A fresh and sour beer with salty hints of sea buckthorn and a resinous aftertaste of spruce. Bries has aged for 25 months in oak barrels.
Oogst: Barrel aged wild cider with apple, pear and nashi pear from Foodforrest Ketelbroek. A dry, rustic cider with rich fruity aromas and a sour finish.
Elixer: Elixer is a special collaboration between ‘t Biermenneke and Nevel. This is the oldest beer Nevel has ever produced: 42 months. This beer is further flavoured with gin-inspired herbs just before bottling. This aromatic beer has an exciting balance between firm acidity and spicy bitters.
Mijmer: Barrel aged wild beer with 115g/L blackcurrant and fennel seed. Sparkling fruit and with a support of fennel seed. Matured for 27 months in oak barrels.

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