The story of Jubel


Wild dark ale aged on fino sherry barrels

Jubel is een festive, luxurious beer that we brewed especially for the winter holidays. Its winelike, dark, rich character is reminiscent of port and sherry. Jubel was aged for 19 months on fresh fino sherry barrels that still had a drop of sherry in them. Leaving the barrels a third empty allowed this sherry to interact with the oxygen in the barrel, creating nice oxidative flavours.

Jubel has notes of macadamia, dried fruit and a hint of mocca on top of tart notes and bitter tannins. The big bottle is perfect for sharing with friends and family over a cheese platter after christmas dinner or in place of champagne on new year’s eve. Cherish the last moments of this year with a small jubilee on your tongue.


- Seared pumpkin with pistachio nuts and harissa
- Chestnuts and mushrooms stewed in Jubel
- Dark chocolate pie with miso glacé and medlar purée (by De Nieuwe Winkel)
- Cheese: Gruyère with membrillo




Batch #5 bottled
on 2022-10-06
Batch #4 bottled
on 2021-10-05
Batch #3 bottled
on 2020-08-27
Batch #2 bottled
on 2019-09-20
Batch #1 bottled
on 2018-09-25

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