Nevel and Friends Box

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A special selection of collaborations from us and befriended breweries.

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We have put together a nice box with some of our collaborations from the past year, supplemented with beautiful beers and ciders from befriended breweries!

This box consists of 6 different bottles (33cl):
1x Krisp (Collab with Poesiat and Kater)
1x Tomaat (Collab with Pizzacafé Desem)
1x Slash (Collab with Butcher’s Tears)
1x Plum Cider from Elegast Cidery
1x Farmhouse Saison Cider from Elegast Cidery
1x Pitt & Rubi 2021 from Brauerei Flügge

Krisp: Collab with Poesiat & Kater, a wild Czech style pilsner brewed with 10 g/L Saaz hops and cold fermented with the Nevel wild house culture. 5.5%
Tomaat: Barrel-aged wild blond beer with tomato and fennel seed. For this version we roasted tomatoes with fennel seeds in the oven at DESEM. The intention was to further concentrate the tomatoes by evaporating the moisture. In addition, the roasted flavors are also lightly added to the beer. The result is a refreshing and accessible beer with a sourness due to the tomatoes and the barrel-aging. 5.5%
Slash: Slash is brewed with Butcher’s Tears, a wild blond ale with historic ‘Chevalier’ barley malt and foraged myrica gale. 5% ABV
Plum Cider: A beautiful cider of apples and Opal plums, round and soft in taste with a nice layer of oak and a fresh sour aftertaste. 6.5%
Farmhouse Saison Cider: This powerful and fruity apple cider is made with a Saison yeast, which makes this an accessible cider with a very recognizable apple aroma and subtle farmhouse scent. This cider contains earthy and slightly bitter notes. Very refreshing and drinkable! 7%
Pitt & Rubi 2021: Pitt & Rubi is a hybrid of beer made by Flügge Brauerei (Berliner Weiße style sour beer) and wine by Daniel Mattern (orange wine from the Siegerrebe), fermented with both Saison yeast and Brettanomyces, then aged on apricot puree. 6.5%


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