Frisky Sour

Brewed with weeds

The story of Frisky Sour


Barrel-aged wild blond beer with weeds

Frisky Sour is a barrel-aged wild blond beer with weeds, aged for 7 months in wooden barrels, slightly sour and notes of citrus and honey. The aftertaste has round bitters and the herbs remain. Frisky Sour is brewed together with Wilderland from Amsterdam.

About Wilderland;

It should be clear: we have to work towards an economy in which the restoration of nature is central. Because we are still exhausting the earth. In search of ways to stimulate Dutch biodiversity, Daan and Matthijs discovered the versatile opportunities of tea. Most of the herbal teas we drink can be grown in the Netherlands. Yet almost all herbal teas in stores come from abroad, often even from outside Europe. So why not get started with this in the Netherlands? That saves many kilometres of transport, benefincial for our Dutch nature and produces delicious tea. Win-win-win! Wilder Land tea shows that a quality product and nature restoration go very well together.

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