The story of Dauw


Barrel-aged wild beer with elderflower

Once a year we brew a special blend for Dauw. After initial fermentation, when sugars are still present, we infuse the beer for one day with freshly picked elderflower. This results in an overwhelmingly aromatic beer, which becomes more rounded after long barrel aging.

By mixing 3 years of vintages, we bring a lot of complexity to the beer. The young barrels add bitterness and floral scents, whereas the older barrels add ripeness and soften the character. Dauw is a nice sour beer with rich elderflower, green pepper and citrus. In its aftertaste you can find the soft bitterness and the long lasting tones of spring blossom aromas.


Batch #3 bottled
on 2021-12-22
Batch #2 bottled
on 2021-02-18
Batch #1 bottled
on 2017-11-21

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