What the term "local" means to us is best explained by looking at the concept of terroir in wine. Terroir encompasses the whole of environmental aspects that influence the taste of wine. Things like (micro)climate, composition of soil, surrounding flora and fauna all contribute to particular flavours. This is true for our beers as well as for wine, but in a slightly different manner.

While we cannot use local or homegrown hops and grains yet, because they're not available (though we are currently working with a local hop farm to change that), any fruits and herbs we use in our beer are harvested by us from our direct environment, or acquired from local growers. We are especially fond of ancient and 'forgotten' species that used to be common in our region, and seek out growers who share the same passion.

The main contribution to the local sense of our beers are the wild yeasts that we use in our fermentation. We harvest those from flowers and fruits that grow near our brewery. Fermenting our beer with these yeasts makes it possible for us to create local flavours that you cannot find anywhere else.