The story of Ven


Wild black ale aged on bourbon barrels

Do you ever go to the forest at night? When the darkness is so dense that all you can see is the path beneath your feet and the trees right next to you, every step feels like you’re brushing against a velvet curtain. The night is not merely absense of light; it is dark matter in which we wallow, slowly, carefully, putting our senses at ease. There is only here and now, nothing else matters. The forest opens up and you find yourself standing on the shore of a nocturnal lake, moonlight reflecting on its surface.

Ven is one of our most intense beers. Dark, deep and sour, but with a typically calm Nevel balance. Our bourbon barrels give zest to this beer, while smooth vanilla undertones round off any sharper edges. Ven was brewed with roasted malt, creating notes of cacao, butterscotch and liquorice. It also has rye, which creates a thick base and silky texture. Ven was barrel-aged for 19 months and has become a remarkably fruity beer with top notes of blackberry.



- Caramelised onions with black garlic
- Tarte tatin with pear, walnut and blue cheese
- Dark chocolate mousse with bourbon and cherries
- Cheese: Oudwijker Colosso


Batch #1 bottled
on 2019-08-09
Batch #1 bottled
on 2016-04-27

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