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The story of From Farmer to Beer Crowdfunding


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With Nevel we are on an important mission: reconnecting people with nature and with the source from which all our food and drink comes. We are on the right track, but we need your help to keep doing so. That is why we present our From Farmer to Beer Crowdfunding (Van Boer tot Bier).

We ask you to make a one-time donation of €99,- But you will also get something in return..
In 2023 you will receive 3 large bottles (75cl) of Nevel beer, 1 of which is an exclusive single barrel beer made with ingredients from the farmers and growers you donated to. The crowdfunded beer still needs to be brewed and is expected to be ready by mid-2023. We will also organise a special day where you will be invited as a crowdfunder and get to know everything about our way of working, our farmers, growers and suppliers. But above all: you contribute to our mission to restore the connection between man and nature through our beers and therefore our way of doing business. Help us to be an example to others and donate. Do you want to read the whole story? Then click here.

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Finally, we would like to invite you to our Graanoogstfeest, next Sunday (september 11) from 14:00 to about 18:00. For navigation, please drive to Grafwegen Groesbeek where you will find signs to the grain field. The Graanoogstfeest is an important celebration that we organise every year to show that it can also be done in a sustainable way. Brewing beer locally is, as said before, quite a task. Ingredients like malt and hops often come from all over the world. We would like to see this differently and that is why Nevel has joined forces with, among others, farmer Hans Lamers and Gordons Spoor. Without unnecessary (intermediary) parties, directly from farmer to brewer, both grow unsprayed barley for brewing in Gelderland, with attention for nature. And they do so entirely organically, too! Of course you can also enjoy plenty of Nevel beer. The grain harvest festival takes place in Gordon Spoor’s field on Neutraleweg in Breedeweg, close to the Merlijn forest café. Signalling is present on the spot. You can’t miss us! To be sure, this is the location of the driveway: https://goo.gl/maps/9miLvNx5fbza1xu78.

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