The story of Tumult


Wild dark ale

The most impetuous season of the year, the change most deeply felt. Nobody remains untouched when leaves turn yellow and red, falling to the earth in evitable waves. Stormy weather, sudden cold, headwind from all directions. Fall means letting go of what is no longer necessary, a return to oneself, commemorating the past year. Going outside to clear your head, back inside to get warm again. Enjoying the tumult in yourself and all around you.

Tumult is a mild, soft, almost creamy beer with a lightly sour undertone. It has a distinct autumnal character with notes of roasted chestnut, hazelnut and toasted bread. This dark beer was aged for quite some time, comparable to the traditional London porters from the 18th century. Where modern porters are usually thick and sweet, Tumult is subtle and dry, exactly the way we want it: a fall beer that you can enjoy throughout the dark evening.



- Caramelised brussels sprouts with honey and roasted chestnuts
- Celeriac steak with chanterelles and truffle
- Salame di cioccolato with roasted almonds
- Cheese: Blue Stilton


Batch #1 bottled
on 2019-08-02

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