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This beer box contains our current tank-aged beers and lets you discover our most approachable beers!

This package consists of 6 small bottles/cans of Nevel beers.
1x Alm (33cl)
1x Dwaal (33cl)
1x Erve (33cl)
1x Tam (33cl)
1x Hof (33cl)
1x Krisp (33cl)

Alm: Wild blond beer with wormwood, a forgotten herb. A fresh, herbal beer with citrus notes. 6%
Dwaal: Wild witbeer with szechuan peper and common hogweed seed. 5.7%
Erve: Erve is a rustic, dry and bitter cross between a brett IPA and a saison. 6%

Tam: Wild dark beer with chestnut. Tam is our ode to autumn. The koji fermented chestnuts give a warm and nutty character to this dark beer. With this beer we are trying to kick-start chestnut cultivation in the Netherlands. 5.5%
Hof: Wild blond beer with cascade. Hof started out as Erve. Because the beer in the tank had become ‘ropey’, we let this beer mature for half a year. Hof has therefore become a bit more acidic and mature. Unexpected and delightful. 6.5%
Krisp: Krisp is a wild Czech style pilsner brewed with 10 g/L saaz hops and cold fermented with the Nevel wild house culture. Nevel and Poesiat & Kater come together in this beer because of our love for pilsners and wild fermentation. 5%



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