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There are many things going on in the world that affect our brewery, such as the corona crisis and rising costs. To give Nevel a future perspective, it is now necessary to go back to basics. Since Nevel was founded, we have had big plans and we have always done so with fantastic employees. Unfortunately we are now forced to say goodbye to them. Vincent and I (Mattias) will continue together with Nevel from now on.

So it is a challenging time for us on several levels, but we have full confidence in the future. We already have a lot of ideas and are working hard to make Nevel even better. Of course we could use some help, so that’s why we have put together a nice box with a nice cross section of our beers! 6 tank-aged beers and 6 wood-aged beers. Of course all made from local and sustainable raw materials and fermented with our natural wild house culture!

On to the future!

This box consists of 12 bottles:

1x Alm 33cl
1x Erve 33cl
1x Dwaal 33cl
1x Krisp 33cl
1x Hof 33cl
1x Weide 33cl

1x Mijmer 37,5cl
1x Halm  37,5cl
1x Bast  37,5cl
1x Purper  37,5cl
1x Rust 37,5cl
1x Gloed 37,5cl

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