Spring Beerbox

Alle voorjaarsbieren in een box

The story of Spring Beerbox


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The perfect beerbox to be enjoyed with spring dishes or on its own in the sun!

This Introduction box consists of 4 small Nevel bottles:
1x Dwaal (33cl)
1x Dauw (37,5cl)
1x Minne (33cl)
1x Weide (33cl)

Dwaal: Wild witbeer with szechuan peper and common hogweed seed. 5,7%
Dauw: Barrel-aged wild blond beer with elderflower. 5,6%
Minne: Wild blonde ale with Japanese flowering quince. A fruity, rich and mildly sour beer with notes of apple and lemon marmalade. 5,4%
Weide: Wild light ale with local Spalter hop. 4%

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