The story of Ontij


Barrel-aged wild ale with shadows

Ontij is our International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day blend made by the women of Nevel. It is a sour beer with dark shadows, made to honour the wild side of womanhood. No sweet flavours, no frivolous gimmicks, but an embrace of our darker self, our inner witch, the ferocious force that takes after she has given. Femininity in freedom. No tongues to bind you, no arms to withhold. We hope to offer you a glimpse of our magic with Ontij, an untamed beer that feels no desire to please.

Ontij contains hyssop, sage blossom, opal basil, wild carrot seed, hibiscus and southern mugwort. There are only 120 bottles available of the second batch of this very limited release.


Batch #1 bottled
on 2010-01-20
Batch #1 bottled
on 2010-04-19

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