Nevel on Tour

Three surprising beers in collaboration with friends breweries

The story of Nevel on Tour


Nevel on Tour collab

Nevel has been on tour! Around Nevel’s busy move, we liked to leave things be sometimes and go blow off steam with some of our best brewing friends. While at our place everything was in boxes, we finally had the space to brew fun side projects that we had been philosophizing about with our friends for months. From historic beers to real crushers, we took up the experiment with our friend breweries Butcher’s Tears, Kromme Haring & Poesiat & Kater. Want to know the whole story behind this? Check out this page for all the info. Nevel on tour collab is now available in a special sixpack with the following contents:

2x Krisp (33cl): Krisp is a wild Czech-style pilsner brewed with 10 g/L saaz hops and cold fermented with Nevel wild house culture. Nevel and Poesiat & Kater come together in this beer through our love of pilsners and wild fermentation.
2x Slash (33cl): Slash is brewed with Butcher’s Tears Brewery. Slash is a wild blonde beer brewed with historic barley malt ‘Chevalier’ and wild-picked gale.
2x Kust (33cl) Kust is brewed with Brewery De Kromme Haring. With a blend of wild yeasts, raspberry, blackberry, spices, and Galaxy hops, this beer is a mix of modern and historic.

Note: Krisp is fermented at low temperature (bottom fermenting). Normally, we at Nevel ferment at high temperature (top-fermenting). This normally results in less residual sugars in the beer and therefore less CO2. However, in Krisp’s case there are quite a lot of residual sugars in the beer that can still be converted into CO2. The advice is therefore to drink Krisp fresh, not too long and to keep it cool. Drink the beer within 3 months, and you will be fine!

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