The story of Meander


Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with rhubarb and blackcurrant leaf

Strolling along small country roads, following old ditches with willows and tall reeds. A dead end street leads to an enclosure with a half open wood fence; your curiosity invites you in. Inside, you find the nearby city’s allotment gardens, a patchwork of colours and scents of all the different types of fruit, vegetables and flowers that are grown there. While you’re inching your way from one corner to the next, all these scents flow into each other like a river that glides through the landscape.

Meander has a soft, savoury bite of rhubarb that is subtly woven into the red fruity notes of blackcurrant leaf. A winelike, elegant and mineral beer that offers a wealth of impressions. Meander was aged on oak barrels for 16 months.


- Crostini with peas, buffalo mozzarella, lemon and basil
- Radish spring rolls filled with peas, miso and mint
- White chocolate ganache with strawberries
- Cheese: White goat cheese


Batch #3 bottled
on 2020-10-14
Batch #2 bottled
on 2019-08-22
Batch #1 bottled
on 2018-07-25

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