Jubel gift box Christmas special

The story of Jubel gift box Christmas special


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Exclusive for the holidays: our Jubel bottle including Nevel glass on foot in a luxury gift box. A luxurious, festive beer to celebrate an extraordinary event in your life! Jubel is a vinous dark sour with a light tinge of sherry or port, like an aged barleywine or a quadrupel. It was brewed with our friends from Hedonis (BE) and aged for 8 months on oak barrels that we gave a little extra head space to allow the oxygen in the barrels to interact with the sherry flor for a handsome oxidative character. Jubel tastes of darkly roasted nuts, chestnut honey, dried fruit and a smidge of cacao, on top of bitter tannic notes from the roasted malt. Its creamy mouthfeel and mild acidity make it a gentle, amiable beer that feels like a small jubilee on your tongue! 6.2% ABV

Make a toast to 2021 with Jubel! Limited available.

Jubel: Barrel-aged Dark Sour with Sherry Flor
Nevel Glass: 1x beer glass on foot including Nevel logo.

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