The story of Jade


Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with stinging nettle and dryhop

Barefoot over the threshold, thin feet landing softly on cold leaves covering the ground. Shifting from this world into another, from working to being, house to temple. Wooden poles give shelter to the green that cannot grow outside, the intentions you discarded, an eyeless dance.

Jade is flourishing and bright at once, the seduction of elderflower paired with the strictness of stinging nettle. Like a good German Riesling this is a crisp, natural, herbal and bitter beer with a sour touch. An eclectic swirl of aromas and characters that forms a testimony to nature’s bounty. This might sound a bit overwhelming, but the opposite is true; we find Jade to be exceptionally smooth and accessible. It has a velvety and soft finish with fruity hop flavours dancing on top of mildly bitter notes. Jade is a single barrel release comprised of three different beers blended together and aged for 16 months. Limited release of 100 bottles.


Batch #1 bottled
on 2019-10-31

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