Gelders Gerstenat

The story of Gelders Gerstenat


Wild blonde ale with hay, yarrow flowers and thyme blossom

Gelders Gerstenat is a beer that is profoundly simple yet very outspoken. It is the first beer we brewed with 100% locally grown ingredients from our home province of Gelderland, including our own malted barley.

The palette of hops creates nice bitter notes that are balanced by a very subtle sour touch. The nose is filled with fresh hay which brings notes of citrus and cinnamon, supplemented with honeylike fragrances from thyme blossom and yarrow flowers. Gelders Gerstenat presents the rural scents of the countryside where the ingredients of our beers are harvested. Brewed specially for our 2019 crowdfunders.


Batch #1 bottled
on 2020-04-28

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