Nevel Fruitbox

The story of Nevel Fruitbox


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For lovers of fruity beers! Your daily portion of fruit and vegetables in a bottle: Nevel fruitbox.

The box consists of 6 bottles:
Doorn 37,5cl
Bedaard 37,5cl
Aard 37,5cl
Gloed 37,5cl
Blos 33cl
Minne 33cl

Doorn: Barrel-aged wild dark beer with 160 g/L local black berries. A vinious, sour and rich beer filled with aromas of coconut, vanilla and dark fruit. Aged for 30 months on oak barrels.
Bedaard: Barrel-aged wild black beer with blueberries and pine. A complex beer full of aroma’s of fruit, coffee and pine resin. Bedaard was aged on oak barrels for 13 months.
Aard: Barrel aged wild beer with beetroot and absinthe. Earthy and sour beer that has aged in oak barrels for 24 months. Unusual and mysterious.
Gloed: Barrel-aged wild beer with 330 g/L local cherries and black currents. Elegant, fruity and tart beer, aged for 14 months on oak barrels.
Blos: Wild blond with elderberry and lemon verbena.
Minne: Wild blonde ale with Japanese flowering quince. A fruity, rich and mildly sour beer with notes of apple and lemon marmalade.

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