The story of Doorn


Barrel-aged wild dark ale with 160 g/L local blackberries


Proliferation is a process we tend to dislike, because it follows its own course and we feel it should be kept under control when it comes too close. We prune thorn bushes, weed our gardens and kill parasites so they won’t bother us anymore. But is our wish to be free of this proliferating growth not in fact the very same thing as our own desire to proliferate? To be in control, to have the highest word, to be seen everywhere and spread out tentacles so far and wide that we ourselves can no longer be subdued? Proliferation is part of being human. It also gives us free and easy access to herbs and their healing proportions, sweet blossoms and berries and offers refuge to wild animals. Proliferation of wild yeasts makes our beers what they are. With Doorn we shed light on conception and formation, the creative aspect that is part of proliferation.

Doorn is a dark vinious, sour and rich beer filled with aromas of coconut, vanilla and dark fruit. Aged for 30 months on oak barrels. Doorn is an limited single barrel release. Barrel-aged wild dark beer with 160 g/L local black berries. 


Batch #1 bottled
on 2019-02-27

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