The story of Bedaard


Wild dark ale

Barrel-aged wild black beer with blueberries and pine. A complex beer full of aroma’s of fruit, coffee and pine resin. Bedaard was aged on oak barrels for 13 months.


Bedaard is our collab with Poesiat and Kater. Every year they organize Stout Fest in Amsterdam and 2 years ago we came up with the idea to make a wild, sour stout. Normally stouts are very sweet and heavy, but we liked doing the opposite: lots of flavor, light alcohol percentage and complex beer. To make the beer special and to match the winter atmospheres, it was decided to add organic Dutch black currants from Noordebos in Drenthe. The fir branches used for the beer come from De Ommuurde Tuin in Renkum. Bedaard has aged for 13 months, resulting in a dry, fruity and slightly acidic beer that is surprisingly smooth in taste. In the foreground you can taste the fruity of the blueberry, in the aftertaste you can taste the roasted malt together with the resinousness of the pine. In the fragrance you can smell aromas of coffee, roasted malt with a fruity layer of blueberry and woody notes of coconut and vanilla underneath. The beer is very accessible to a dark beer and has a low alcohol percentage.


Batch #1 bottled
on 2020-09-09

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