Wild beers from Nijmegen

Wild beers from Nijmegen

Wild beers from Nijmegen



    Wild blonde ale with forgotten herbs

    Annual mugwort gives soft, refreshing notes of citrus and young grass.



    Barrel-aged wild dark ale with trees

    A woodsy, forest-like beer with birch bark, pine and spruce tips and blackthorn branches and blossoms.



    Wild rosé beer with elderberry and lemon verbena

    Blos is a young wild rosé beer with foraged elderberry and locally grown verbena.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with white peaches and rosemary

    A delicate, charming beer with soft sour notes. Balsem was specially made for our 2019 crowdfunders.



    Barrel-aged wild beer with elderflower

    A nicely sour beer with a rich nose of elderflower, green pepper and stone fruit. Dauw is a mixture of 3 years vintages with an average age of 14 months.



    Wild witbier with szechuan pepper and common hogweed seed

     Creamy and smooth like a witbier should be, with a hint of tartness.



    Wild blonde ale with local Cascade

    Brewed with locally grown grains and whole cone hops.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with local cherries and blackcurrants

    A fruity and mildly tart beer, light and sessionable, with blackcurrant in the nose.



    Barrel-aged wild blonde beer with annual mugwort

     Barrel-aged wild blond beer with annual mugwort that has had 7 months of wood maturation. The result is a more sour and mature version of Alm.



    Wild beer with Cascade hop

    Funky from the longer aging, acidity and bitters that alternate nicely, low carbonation like a fine lambic.



    Wild dark ale aged on fino sherry barrels

    The winelike, dark, rich character of Jubel is reminiscent of port and sherry.



    Wild Czech-style pilsner

    Collab with Poesiat & Kater. Krisp is a wild Czech-style pilsner brewed with 10 g/L saaz hops and cold fermented with Nevel wild house culture.



    Barrel-aged wild gose with absinthe wormwood and fennel seed

    A fresh and tart gose with absinthe wormwood and fennel seed. Collab with DOK Brewing Company.



    Barrel aged wild beer with 250g/L black currant and fennel seed

    Splashing fruits supported by a fennel seed body. Mijmer has been aging on the barrel for 24 months.



    Wild blonde ale with Japanese flowering quince

    A fruity, rich and mildly sour beer with notes of apple and lemon marmalade.


    Nevel on Tour

    Nevel on Tour collab

    Three different beers in collaboration with Kromme Haring, Butchers Tears, and Poesiat & Kater. Pils, brewed with hops and cold fermented.



    Barrel-aged wild light ale with buckwheat, lavender and chokeberry

    Quite possibly the most nostalgic beer you’ve ever tasted.



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with Groene Bel

    Rust, our wild blond beer with juicy aromas of sweet tangerine and watermint create a calm, winelike balance.



    Barrel aged wild ale with 450g/L plums and fresh basil

    A highly fruity and sour beer with hints of basil. This aromatic beer has tension and power, but also balance and elegance with a tart finish.



    Wild beer with lemon balm and blackcurrent leaves

    A thirst-quenching beer, with a firm bitter, soft granular aftertaste and an aromatic citrus scent.



    New single barrel release

    Barrel aged wild beer with apricot and szechuanpeper. In Vurig the subtle notes of the second maceration of apricot is supported by fresh szechuanpepper from food forest Ketelbroek.



    Wild light ale with local Spalter hop

    A light yet exciting beer with locally grown hops, wheat and spelt.

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Wild beers from Nijmegen