Wild beer from Nijmegen

Wild beer from Nijmegen

Wild beer from Nijmegen


    Seringenbox: Sereen & Stuimig

    Barrel-aged wild ale with white and purple lilac

    With Seringenbox you get the best between two worlds together, perfect for blending: Sereen & Stuimig.



    Barrel-aged golden sour with red beet & absinth

    Earthy and mysterious with deep notes of red beets and juicy red fruit.



    Wild blonde ale with forgotten herbs

    Annual mugwort gives soft, refreshing notes of citrus and young grass.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with flowers and quince cider

    A blend of beer and cider, two worlds flowing together in your glass



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with flowers and herbs

    Dandelion and goldenrod are the centrepiece of this sunny collab with Separatist Beer Project.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with white peaches and rosemary

    A delicate, charming beer with soft sour notes. Balsem was specially made for our 2019 crowdfunders.



    Barrel-aged wild dark ale with trees

    A woodsy, forest-like beer with birch bark, pine and spruce tips and blackthorn branches and blossoms.



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with summer herbs

    Refreshing herbal beer with mugwort, yarrow, rosemary and thyme



    Wild blonde ale aged on bourbon barrels

    Feel like going wild? Kick up some Branie with us.



    Barrel-aged golden sour with sea buckthorn

    The berries were added with their branches, creating extra deep flavours.



    Barrel-aged saison with elderflower

    Wild yeasts from the flowers give complex flavours.



    Barrel-aged wild dark ale with blackberries

    After aging on oak, Doorn spent an additional 4 months on hand-picked whole blackberries.



    Wild witbier with szechuan pepper and common hogweed seed

    The wheat in this beer was grown in the Doornik nature fields close to our brewery.



    Wild dark ale

    Barrel aged wild black beer with blueberries and pine



    Barrel-aged golden sour with buckwheat and mirabelles

    With hand-picked mirabelles from foodforest Ketelbroek in Groesbeek.



    Wild blonde ale with local Cascade

    Brewed with locally grown grains and whole cone hops.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with damson plums

    A wine-like beer with an outspoken character of ripe plums.


    Gelders Gerstenat

    Wild blonde ale with hay, yarrow flowers and thyme blossom

    The first beer we brewed with 100% locally grown ingredients. Made specially for our 2019 crowdfunders.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with local cherries and blackcurrants

    Gloed was aged on oak for 14 months, after which it spent an additional 5 months on the whole fruit.



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale

    Grondslag is very close to our core; a beer that shows the power of blending and the pureness of barrel-aging.



    New England Wild Ale

    Our wild and funky version of the immensely popular NEIPA.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with Opal plums and herbs

    A homage to pre-industrial times when beers were herbal and wild, brewed with ingredients that were foraged near the breweries. Collab with Kemker Kultuur.



    Wild dark ale aged on fino sherry barrels

    The winelike, dark, rich character of Jubel is reminiscent of port and sherry.



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with stinging nettle and dryhop

    Jade is flourishing and bright at once, the seduction of elderflower paired with the strictness of stinging nettle. Only 100 bottles available.



    Barrel-aged pale ale with Brettanomyces

    Traditional English pale ale that is less hop-forward, paying tribute to yeast and barrel character instead.



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with rhubarb and blackcurrant leaf

    A wine-like, elegant beer with plenty of flavours to discover.



    Wild blonde ale with Japanese flowering quince

    With handpicked fresh hops from our local hop farmer and Japanese flowering quince from foodforest Ketelbroek.



    Barrel-aged wild ale with shadows

    A herbal blend dedicated to International Women’s Day, made by the women of Nevel. Aged for 18 months, limited stock.


    Pine Trees and Cemeteries

    Barrel-aged wild ale with coniferous trees and honey

    Pine Trees and Cemeteries is inspired by the ancient tradition of planting pine trees on cemeteries, because they are a symbol of eternal life.



    Barrel-aged wild light ale with buckwheat, lavender and chokeberry

    Quite possibly the most nostalgic beer you’ve ever tasted.



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with Groene Bel

    The first thing to notice about Rust is its barrel character; not too heavy, but subtly woven into its fabric.



    Barrel-aged bière de garde with willow bark

    Brewed with toasted willow bark that was foraged in foodforest Ketelbroek.



    Wild dark ale

    Our anti-bok: a subtle autumn beer that can be enjoyed all evening long.



    Aged on oaks for 19 months.

    Barrel-aged wild dark beer with mushrooms, collab with De Natte Gijt. Earthy, sour and spicy beer that has aged on oaks for 19 months. 5,8% 



    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale

    Aged hops and wild yeasts offer a good dose of dried hay, moist cellar and mineral stone. Collab with Tommie Sjef Wild Ales.



    Wild black ale aged on bourbon barrels

    The bourbon barrels give extra spice, while a soft note of vanilla rounds off the sharper edges.



    Extra bitter saison

    The ideal thirst quencher after a long work day.



    Wild ale with gruit

    Brewed with locally foraged yarrow, mugwort and myrica gale instead of hops.



    Wild light ale with local Spalter hop

    A light yet exciting beer with locally grown hops, wheat and spelt.

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Wild beer from Nijmegen