We are grateful that nature provides the raw materials that enable us to brew beer. We are not the kind of persons to take without giving back. We strive to create or maintain balance; our company should not have a negative impact on the soil, water, air or people around us.

We use organic ingredients whenever possible, even if they are more expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain. Our merch and marketing stuff (banners, business cards) is made by companies that use environmentally friendly methods and materials, or are otherwise environmentally conscious. Our company car runs on green gas, we print on recycled paper, most of our equipment and furniture is second hand. We direct spent cooling water back to our boiler and our spent grain goes to a sheep farm. It's impossible to do everything 100% right, but we try to go the extra mile.

We prefer natural and unprocessed ingredients like handpicked flowers, fruits and herbs, as well as fresh rhubarb stalks from our local organic supplier over wholesale prefab puree and extracts. Handpicked and fresh organic ingredients are dusted with live cultures of yeasts and bacteria that we can use to ferment our beer.

If we invest in our local economy, we invest in a lasting supply of ingredients. We often buy specialty fruits from small local farmers and we sometimes trade work for produce, so they can hopefully continue to grow their products for a long time to come.